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Village Fests in Belarus

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Next week, February 4-5-6, 2020, Fests "Future of our villages" will be held in 3 villages of the eastern part of Belarus. The main idea of these events is to draw the attention of local communities, businesses and authorities to the future of “aging” villages. To this end, three local communities from Klichev and Krasnopol districts would like to tell everyone invited about their new ideas and ongoing community development projects, about local tourism routes, revived unique local food and traditions. Festivals will be a great time for communication, restoration of broken ties between villagers and ex-villagers, for borning new ideas for the sustainable future of rural motherlands remoted from "attractive" cities. Rural festivals will host many guests from neighboring villages and cities, as well as “former” residents of these villages who left these places due to various issues. Reports from these events will be published here soon. If you have ideas for these events, please contact .

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